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Chef on Sister Circle

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Chef Jacoby Ponder’s culinary prowess has not only graced the kitchens of esteemed restaurants but has also captivated audiences across the United States through hundreds of television and news appearances. With notable features on renowned platforms such as Food Network, Sister Circle, and the Hampton Roads Show, Chef Jacoby has become a household name, dazzling viewers with his charisma, expertise, and mouthwatering creations. From captivating cooking demonstrations to insightful interviews, Chef Jacoby’s television appearances showcase his passion for food and his unwavering commitment to sharing his culinary artistry with audiences far and wide.

Chef & Food Network

In 2012 Chef Ponder was a finalist on the Food Network hit show “Chopped”, where he placed as runner-up in the grueling Military Salute episode. In 2014 Chef Ponder took it back to Food Network with his second and victorious win on the hit show “Cutthroat Kitchen”.

Chef returns to Food Network in the Spring of 2024 in the series Supermarket Stakeout.

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Chef Jacoby Ponder’s magnetic presence and culinary expertise have made him a sought-after guest on television shows and news programs nationwide. With each appearance, Chef Jacoby effortlessly blends entertainment and education, offering viewers a glimpse into his world of flavor and innovation.

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