What’s so secret about this secret dinner in Charlotte?

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What’s so secret about this secret dinner in Charlotte?

BY KATHLEEN PURVIS – Charlotte Observer

NOVEMBER 06, 2017 03:24 PM, UPDATED NOVEMBER 06, 2017

We can’t tell you where, but we can tell you what, who and how much: The Underground Kitchen, an events company based in Richmond, will return to Charlotte on Nov. 17 for a popup dinner at an undisclosed location.

Headed by designer Michael Sparks, Underground Kitchen hosts dinners in different cities (recent sites have included New York, Pittsburgh, Washington and Raleigh). It was in Charlotte for a series of events in 2016.

With Sparks’ flare for dramatic design, the dinners are typically high in style with a focus on haute cuisine. Tickets are limited to two per person. After you register, if you get a ticket, you’re told a few days in advance where the dinner will be.

We do know that the chef is J. Ponder of Georgia, who has been on Food Network’s “Chopped” and was a 2015 winner of the network’s show “Cutthroat Kitchen.” He now owns Norfolk Kitchen Lab in Virginia and Atlanta.


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