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Celebrity Chef Trains Navy Culinary Specialists – Chef J. Ponder

Celebrity Chef Trains Navy Culinary Specialists

Chef Jacoby Ponder - Chef. Teacher. Speaker.

Celebrity Chef Trains Navy Culinary Specialists

Virginia Beach, VA. International Celebrity Chef Jacoby Ponder recently completed the third installment of his Chefpreneur Academy hosted at Stratford University in Virginia Beach. The five-day course has been provided to sixty Culinary Specialists from the USS Gerald R. Ford of the United States Navy.

The Chefpreneur Academy is a comprehensive curriculum developed by International Celebrity Chef, Jacoby Ponder. The mission of the Academy. is to educate, inspire and motivate cooks to become professional chefs; working, thriving and expanding their gifts and talents outside of the kitchen. Chef Ponder started the Chefpreneur Academy out of an overwhelming desire to teach other cooks and culinary specialists how to succeed in the field and when they get out of the Navy. “I was lost for a minute when I got out of the Navy,” said Ponder, “I want to help these sailor prepare for life after the Navy.”

The class begins with participants being separated into four teams and given a project challenge. The participants are taught fundamental cooking techniques, culinary vocabulary, motivation, business management, marketing and more. Finally, on the last day, each team presents their restaurant concepts to fellow sailors, the command of the ship and other high-ranking Navy officials. Also, each sailor receives a graduation certificate and a special addition Chefpreneur Academy apron.

Chef Jacoby Ponder, who spent ten years in the Navy as a Culinary Specialist, shared his feeling about working with the sailors. “I am beyond humbled to provide this training for the sailors,” said Chef Ponder, “I was once one of them, I understand them and how they feel.”

The Chefpreneur Academy has been offered to the entire fleet of Culinary Specialists aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford and will soon move on to the USS George Washington and to commands throughout the country and abroad. “The program changed my life,” said a recent participant, “I had been wanting to get out of the Navy, feeling like maybe it wasn’t for me. Then I took this class and I have a whole new outlook.”

The next Chefpreneur Academy will be held at Stratford University the week of June 3 with graduation beginning on the 7th at noon. The Commanding Officer of the USS Gerald R. Ford will attend the graduation among other ranking officers of the Navy. Many commands across the world have reached out to secure the Chefpreneur Academy following the success of the initial installment.

Chefpreneur Academy is not just for the navy, however. Chef Ponder and his team of chefs, business coaches and motivators will be holding a Chefpreneur Academy that is open to the public later this spring. Also, be on the lookout for the Chefpreneur Festival and Conference in 2020. To stay informed, visit www.chefpreneuracademy.com or www.chefjacobyponder.com.

Chef Jacoby Ponder is an Executive Chef, Private Chef, Celebrity Chef, Philanthropist, Teacher, Speaker and Entrepreneur. His personal mission is to affect change, inject joy, and instill wellness through cultured cuisine, fine dining and food education. In 2020, Chef will also release Chef J. Ponder’s Kitchen that will feature special exclusive content, how-to videos, recipes and blogs for his viewers and fans.


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